Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How They Will Know We are Christians....

As much as possible I try to avoid  all the spiritual mudslinging that seems to happen after every national tragedy this country faces.

It pains me to think that at a time when would should be
caring for one another, 
so often The Church 
(or maybe just the high profiled religious right) 
stands there pointing fingers and placing blame 
in order to try and answer the age old question of 

The reality is  
sin is in the world.  
It has been since the fall of man in the garden of Eden.  
And sinful people hurt each other...
sometimes in small ways 
and sometimes in much bigger ways.

And I know that sounds like such an simple answer to a complex problem.
But I'm not claiming to have answers.
I don't.
I am just stating a fact
sin is in the world.

But here's another fact
God is here too!
And while I don't know why he allows things like this to happen 
I trust Him 
and I know He will...
turn wrong into right 
make beauty out of ashes 
and redeem that which seems irredeemable.

I believe in the end He will prevail
and so I pray
Come Quickly Lord Jesus

But until that day
I long to be a part of a Church...
A body...
That reaches out to the hurting world

And I'm thankful to know there are other Christians 
and God lovers out there
who feel the same
and reach out to the world around them
Loving God 
Loving people.

May this be what the world sees....
more than our Christian Judgement
more than our desire to have our way
more than our need to prove we are right
May we be a people
a body
a Church
Followers of God
who are known
by our

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