Sunday, December 16, 2012

How Simple Concepts have Huge Impacts...

I've been really struggling to read my bible lately.
I was studying Romans
Well more like I've been studying Romans
for like two years...
I decided I needed a break.
So I started reading 1st Samuel...
I love the story of Samuel being called by God
and of David and Johnathan's friendship
So I thought this would be great
But nope...
Within a few weeks I got bored
(can I say that and still be a respectable Christian?)
(They do say Honesty is the best policy)

So this week I picked up the book "Multiply" 
by Francis Chan and Mark Beuving 
And I figured I would start there
as a jumping off point
to my morning time with God.

It's funny
I've been a Christian for a long time now
But going back to the basics in this book
Has really made me examine 
my self
my relationship with God
my relationship with others
what my faith really means
To me
For me
through me

For example
The other day I read a section that asked the question
"Would you say that you view Jesus as your

The obvious answer is...yes.
But the word "Master" is what really stands out to me there.
Master implies one who has
complete authority...
Rule and Reign...
over another persons life
No Questions asked.

I'd like to believe God is my master,
I don't always give Him His rightful authority if he is!

In fact not even 12 hours ago 
I sat in church having a battle of the wills with God

My will says
I will treat people how I feel they treat me
If they don't seem to like me or care for me
I'm not going to like them or care for them.
If they don't reach out to me
I'm not going to reach out to them
If they don't want to love me
why should I ever show love to them

Yet God's will says
Care for them because
I have cared for you
Reach out to them because
I have reached out to you
Love them because 
I have loved you.

As my master
God calls me to love
not in response to others 
but out of response to Him

If I were honest
I disobey or ignore that command
a lot
especially in moments
and giving
do not come easily.  

I like comfort
I like my rights
I cling to my pride
I claim entitlements

But my master asks for more.
And if He truly is who I say He is to me
Not just Lord or Owner
But Master as well
It's time to start allowing
His Will
to reign in me 

God Help me
I pray.

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