Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Today Might Tell Me about Tomorrow...and the Next day...and the Next Day...

Happy New Year!
I'm so excited to get this year off and running!
My Friend and Spanish teacher Elisa 
Told me yesterday that when the new year starts
at exactly the stroke of Midnight
I should jump
that way I start the year on a high!
I liked that
So I did!

She also told me that I should make sure
the first person I hug in the new year
is a member of the opposite sex,
that way this year I would be lucky in love.
Clearly this is not my year for that considering
I was in a house full of girls at midnight
and my niece flew off the couch
and into my arms
as her "midnight jump".

Oh well....
I've got much more important things
to look forward to this year!

I don't know why
but for some reason
this year I am way more excited
for the new year
than I normally am.

Normally I'm happy to have a new start
but I'm not really "excited"
this year I am...
I'm really excited!

If today was any indication 
of what the next year holds for me
though, then
I better prepare 
to be insanely busy
to work hard
to have lots of fun
to be giving of myself to others
to get over myself continually
to let things go quickly
to stop stressing for no reason
and to be sure
to spend my mornings with God.

I guess that's not a bad way to live anyway
No wonder I'm excited about this new year!

How about you?!  How's 2013 treated you so far?!?

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