Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What "Craiglist Joe" Showed Me...

Today I hung out with my friend Alicia.
She's one of the most inspiring people I know.
Hanging out with her
I always leave feeling
desiring to live more like 
the follower of Christ
that I say I am.

Today was no different.

After we made cookies 
(from Scratch by the way)
for Carmela 
(who we met at the soup kitchen 
a few weeks ago)
Alicia introduced me to the movie
"Craiglist Joe".

I'm not good at explaining things
so here's the trailer for the movie...
It's one of those movies (well documentaries really)
that leave you wanting to 
connect with people,
step outside yourself
and step out of the normal
way of life
to experience something

As I sat there watching
I was so intrigued by "Joe's"
seemingly genuine
for people.

There's a scene
(here I go trying to explain something
so bare with me)
Where "Joe" responds to an ad
to help a woman with cancer,
whose pretty much a hoarder,
clean a portion of her house.
This woman use to be an actress
now she has cancer
which she's treating holistically
instead of the traditional way
with surgery and chemo.

As you listen to her talk
you see her struggle
not just with her sickness
but with life.
She even says how she use to think
she was insane,
but now she doesn't
because it takes being sane
to even question if
you might be insane.

As I was listening to her talk
My heart was breaking for her
And yet...
there was a part of me thinking...
"I don't know if I would be able
to love her
so fully and selflessly
as Joe does".
 I want to believe that I would
but even in just watching
I was thinking...
clearly she's insane
(and by that I just mean
not in her right mind)
It's hard to watch
let alone be around.

Yet here's a man
a complete stranger
loving her,
listening to her story,
being touched by her words,
crying over her experiences,
and stepping out
to help her
even if just for the moment
in a small way.

And I feel like...

I have so much left to learn!
So much more growing to do!
God help me!


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