Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What the Faith of Those Past has Shown Me...

Last night I had 
a really interesting
with a customer
at work.
She came up
and asked for
any book 
we might have
on Smith Wigglesworth.

In case you don't know
who that is,
Smith Wigglesworth
was an amazing
minister of the Gospel
in the early 20th century
who is best known
for the miraculous
healings that God
preformed through Him!

His story amazes me
and has ever since
I first read about him
in high school.
I have stood in awe
of His connection 
with God
and desire nothing more
than to have that
type of relationship
with God myself.

But back to my customer...
after we searched
and found we had 
nothing in store for her
to purchase
I wrote down a list 
of his books for her to check out
and other men of God
she should read about...
people like
George Mueller
and Charles Spurgeon!

Then we got to talking 
about how
now a days
we don't seem to see 
this type of 
insane faith
and how sadly 
we've become
such a self-sufficient society
that we only seem
to turn to God
when things fall apart.

I confess
that over the years
I have been this exact person
I've been self reliant...
I try figure things out
on my own..
I don't want to need anybody
or anything from anybody...
at times,
not even from God!

But the truth of the matter is
I am absolutely and completely
in desperate need of God
every moment of every day!
And those just aren't words...
I'm not paying lip service
to God or you...
but I've come to know
through experience
and life circumstances
that when it seems
everything in life 
is falling apart
and nothing
seems to be going my way...
when all my friends have left me
and I feel alone
and unsure of
where to go 
and what to do...
has been there!

He's been 
my breath
my movement
my voice
my strength
my hope
my desire...

He's fulfilled
my every 
and prayer!

I cannot live this life without Him
nor do I ever want to!
So forgive me lord
for all the times
I've walked out on my own...
doing things my own way...
walking in my own strength..
and Thank you for
always holding me 
in your hands...
No matter what!

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