Saturday, January 5, 2013

What it's like to Celebrate a 9 year olds birthday....

Nine years ago today
I had tried desperately
to change my flight
back to California
but with no such luck
at 5:31pm (EST)
I found myself mid air
While my niece Madison
was coming into the world!

I remember getting off the plane
looking a my phone
and seeing one missed message
and I knew
she must have been born!

How I wished I could of been there!

Fast forward to today
Where I started the day
jumping into Mad's bed
with my sister and other niece
in order to wake her up 
by singing happy birthday.
And then following it up
with a morning adventure
with her to get
birthday balloons
and a pre-party smoothie!

Then we had not one
but two parties...
a friend party
(fifteen 3rd grade girls
sugar high and super excited...
My sister and I are officially
and a family party...
to celebrate her life!

I have to say
Spending the day here
as opposed to 
on a plane far away
was a much better way to celebrate!!!

Happy Birthday Mad!!!

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