Monday, January 7, 2013

What It Feels Like to Know You've Really Been Changed...

About 5 months ago now
(WOW!  I can't believe 
it's been THAT long!)
I ventured to Ecuador
with an organization 
called Visiting Orphans
and for a little over a week,
that is exactly what we did...
We visited
and loved
and held
and prayed over
and played with
and fed
a bunch of really amazing kids
who happen to also be orphans.

During that trip
God changed me.
He broken my heart 
with the things that break His
and opened my eyes
to the reality of the world around me.
God pursued me
and stretched me
and forced me out 
of my comfort zone
in order to 
meet with Him.

Ever since..
I'm changed.
What matters to me
is different...
What I think about
is different...
How I view things
is different...

I had a mountain top experience
and something inside me
fundamentally shifted....

and yet...I have to admit,
I worried coming back
that this change would be fleeting
and that after a week or a month
I would forget what I learned
and go back to and old way
of life and thinking.

Today I received a letter in the mail
from myself
that I wrote
the last night
of this trip.
In it were 5 things
I learned and didn't want to forget
when I got back home.
Things about 
stepping out in faith
and what life's really about.
Things like using what God's given me
and not wasting it
and really just pressing into God.

As I read the letter
and thought over just the past few days
I realised...
I haven't forgotten
and the good work God began in me
on that mountain top in Quito
He's continued ever since 
I've arrived Home...
and I believe
He'll continue that good work
until it's completed!

That's pretty Exciting!

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