Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Kingdom Are We Living For?!...

So yesterday I was
running around doing errands
and passed this lady
near the bank
who had set up a booth
for people to come
and sign a petition
to impeach the president.

To be honest
I don't pay a lot
of attention to politics
so I can't say much
either way about
how I feel
about our country's
head honcho.

However I couldn't help 
but think about how
I'm living for a different Kingdom...
God's kingdom...
and the kingdom of God
is not of this world.

When Jesus came into the world
People thought He would 
become king and lead a revolution.
He did do that...
in fact He's still doing it...
it just doesn't look 
like people expected.

Today it seems we live 
under the same mis-conceptions.
As followers of Jesus
we try to change laws
and elect governments
that will honor 
all that God stands for.
As if somehow we can
bring The Kingdom come
through the worlds system.

But I don't think 
God can be contained
by our laws and government.
I don't think He's waiting around
for our president
to invite Him back into our country.

God is above all.
He will reign
His kingdom will come
it will be on
God's terms..
Not through the
world standards or ideas.

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