Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's Love Got to Do With It?!?!....

You know when
you read a really great book
or watch a good movie
or even hear an amazing story
and all you want to do
is tell everyone about it?!

that's pretty much how I felt
after church this morning!
Seems awfully fitting it
doesn't it?!

Our Pastor is a great preacher...
always has been...
But today's message was...
I don't know
shall I say
more passionate
more heartfelt
more sacrificial
and delivered
with such care 
that it truly spoke volumes.

I know I would  not  do it justice
to try and summarize it all in a few paragraphs
(So I'll just wait to share the whole thing
when it's posted to our church website
and I can just share the link),
But of the many things that really spoke to me
was the concept of just how much God loves us!

Maybe it's because I was already so
blown away and in awe of the idea
of His love for us
from a conversation I had with my friend
the other day,
But to think that not only does God
long for us....deeply...
to come to be with HIM
But that when we do He also
Loves us with the same Love
the Father has for the Son
and the Son has for the Father
is just....

And I know I am going to quote it wrong,
but another really awesome thing
that really stuck out to me this morning in service
was that 
When we find everything we need in God...
That Love
Then we can go out into the world
NOT seeking those things
from the world
SHOWING the world how they too
can receive all those things
in Christ!!

That's the heart of the great commission right there...
It's why we go out and serve, and give and love...
That's how you walk out the prayer of St. Francis
Through the LOVE of God!

It's such a fundamental truth...
and yet...
When you truly think about it...
understand it
accept it
walk it out...
it changes everything!
The gospel is THAT POWERFUL!

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