Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Effects Healthy Choices Have....

So this year I did not 
make a resolution
to lose weight.
I decided that
while I want to be 
healthier in the new year,
I didn't want 
my healthy lifestyle
to be only 
a one year thing.
So instead I decided
to focus on small goals
to make each week 
healthier than the week before.

Last week my goal was
to eat at least
three veggies
and three fruits
per day.
I know that doesn't sound
like a lot, but considering
I wasn't really eating any
(except here and there)
it seemed like a manageable goal
and it was one I stuck too
(And have continued
into this week).

I also decided that it was time
to stop drinking soda again.
I had gone over a year
without drinking it,
but then one day I had one sip
and well...
the rest is history!
To be honest I've only really
craved having it twice
(both times when I was
surrounded by family
drinking it)
since stopping cold turkey
on the first
and while the "withdrawal"
has left me with a
never-ending dull headache,
I'm doing just fine without it.

And between my two "goals"
for the week
and just a general decision
to make better choices
for myself and my body,
I ended the first week of the new year
having lost 4.5lbs.
And that wasn't even my focus! 

But what's strange is that 
while I am happy to see
I've lost weight
the number doesn't really 
seem to matter to me
as much as
I am consistently 
choosing better
for myself.

I think that's what 
a healthy lifestyle
is all about
and I'm happy to see
I've started the new year
off on the right foot!

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  1. Great attitude! I need to adopt that from you. Consistancy is typically my struggle and its much harder when I set longterm goals with almost anything that requires self control (budgeting, swearing, eating, or time managment). Ty for sharing!!