Friday, January 4, 2013

What Happens When God shows Himself through Our Words....

This morning I had the chance
to meet my friend Christina
for breakfast
at Cosmic Omelet
(Which is amazing
and cheap by the way)!

She's another person 
I love to hang out with
(I'm so blessed to have
so many great friends)!

Today she gave me
the most amazing picture
of God's love for us...
and honestly
it's blown me away

We were talking about
our friends and family...
the people in our lives
who are hard to love
and the ones we would love
no matter what
completely unconditionally...
and Christina said 
the most awesome thing...

After we had just finished discussing
unconditional love
and that longing to
want to be with someone
to know them
to spend time with them
to love them 
no matter
what they've done
what they will do
What they've said
what's been said about them...
no matter what happens
you just always 
Love them

then she said...
kind of in passing
but it totally hit me like a ton of bricks...
Now isn't that exactly how
God loves us!!!

It's so true...
whether we believe in God or not
He longs to be with us
whether we come to Him or not
He still loves us!
No matter what we say
No matter what we do
God loves us...
with an unconditional love...

Just soak in that for a bit...
Cause it's pretty amazing
if you think about it!

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