Friday, July 23, 2010

The Buddy System... Don't go it alone!

  I don't know where I picked it up...maybe it' something I learned in Girl Scouts, or as part of fire safety, or maybe it's just one of the societal lessons we all know cause it's ingrained in our culture, but where ever it came from the truth remains... in life it's always safest to implement the buddy system!  I find this fact to also be true when it comes to healthy weight loss and exercise!  There is nothing like having someone in your corner...keeping you accountable and encouraging you in your journey!  It's beyond helpful and at times it pushes you to do the very things wouldn't do otherwise!
  A good example of this comes from my own life.  Over the past week or so my sister and I have been meeting to run together on the high school track.  Most nights I feel like the cheerleader... I'm there to encourage her and keep her going and moving forward.  Yeah I'm getting a workout in but I'm more there for her more so than allowing it to  truly to be about my own journey alone.  Well Thursday afternoon that whole concept got flipped on it's head for me!  First of all I was not in the mood to run at fact had I been planing to run alone I probably just would have cancelled or quit two minutes in.  On top of that it was hot out and I forgot my music...all perfectly good reasons in my mind to throw in the towel.  But there was my sister...stepping up and being my cheerleader and encouraging me to do it and to keep going and not allowing me to sell myself short!  As much as in that moment I hated the fact that she was out running me and forcing me to do it...looking back I love knowing that I have that kinda support.   See that's the thing about the buddy system....when you work together your never alone...that means the chances of you drowning (metaphorically that is) are a lot slimmer.
  Life teaches us that no man is an I encourage you, if you haven't done so yet, Find yourself a buddy, a support group, or some sort of community with whom you can share your journey.  Cause the old saying is true....Together Everyone Achieves More!

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