Monday, July 12, 2010

The Start of a New Era...again..

   At one point in my life I was actually a morning person.  I once had no problem pulling back the covers and jumping out of bed at ungodly hours of the morning and would do it with such an alert perkiness it would make those around me stand in awe.  But I haven't been that person in a long time. In fact most mornings I hit snooze more times than should be humanly possible, only to force myself out of bed and into the grogginess of morning.  HOWEVER... today that all changed.  Today... for once... I set my alarm for 5:30am and when it went off I got up!  It's a miracle!  And what's even more of a miracle is that I actually worked out when I got up instead of just sitting on the couch or eventually crawling back into bed.  You see, for a while now I have been realizing that my workouts seem to get crowded out in the evenings (uness I wat to do them at 10 at night...which I don't).  So I've been talking and talking and taking about wanting to get up early to ensure I get my workouts in.  The one problem with that being that even though I've talked about it doing it I've never actually done it!  Like I said most mornings I'm a snooze girl and the idea of getting out of bed to workout before an 8 hour work shift just does not excite me.  So what's changed?!  Well I guess I realised that nothing is gonna change unless I'm willing to put in the work to change it and that nothing worth having in life comes easy.  So here's to starting a new trend!  Heer Heer....hee hee ;)

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