Monday, July 5, 2010

Four on the Fifth...

So today I ventured down to Chester Connecticut and participated in the 32nd annual “Four on the Fifth” road race. This was advertised to me as a nice scenic jog by the ocean. What it turned out to be was 4 miles of running up and down hills in the heat of 90 degree weather! This was definitely not my most favorite run of the season or my best! In fact I actually ended up walking a lot during it…which always annoys me because once I start walking it’s always hard to convince myself to start running again (But it was hot and I was feeling light headed and well it’s better to walk then pass out right…at least that’s what I told myself)! Anyway the entire run took me about 52 minutes… which is about a 13 minute mile pace and way off the pace I am use to keeping (and of course I’m such a numbers girl I kept looking at my watch and calculating my time throughout the run which only made me more discouraged). But the one thing that saved this race was the locals!!! I have to hand it to the residents of Chester….seriously a BIG round of applause goes out to you… for it seemed like the whole town was out cheering us runners on (only a runner can truly understand what that means to a person)! Then as if to go above and beyond the call of duty, every few houses there was some neighbor out in their driveway or on the edge of their lawn with the hose spraying all of us down (And let me tell you… on a hot day like today when people were fainting during the run….that water was GREATLY APPRECIATED)! So Thank You Chester residents and all those involved in the race! Now off to prepare for Saturday’s 5k in the park!


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  1. I'm always so impressed with you! You need to play it safe on those hots days...people often die (sorry to be morbid) when they push themselves too hard in races on really hot days. so good for you, I'm glad you used your common sense!