Saturday, July 10, 2010

Special Memories of Sisterly bonding...

  So today I did the Women's Red Dress 5k at Elizabeth Park/Rose Garden in West Hartford Connecticut!  Not only was the course beautiful, but I felt extremely blessed to have so many great people running the race with me!  This was a race for the memory books in that my big Sister Denise ran it with me!  I remember two years ago when we embarked on our weight loss journeys, the idea of running a 5k together never even crossed our mind.  Yet today there we were at the starting gate standing side by side!  I was so proud of her for pushing herself to do this (especially considering she didn't really train) and I learned that sometimes running for fun instead of time can truly make an event special...and extremely fun!!!  Thanks to everyone who sponsored this event and congrats to all the runners who participated!  Now off to plan the next event.....maybe a spirnt triathlon?!?!

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