Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best Find of the Summer....

More than once this week I have had the conversation with someone about how when I read a book I try not to look at the picture of what the author looks like on the back cover, because more times than not that picture ruins the book for me (you just have a certain expectations when you read what a story is about …and when the picture of the author just doesn’t match those expectations, it changes your whole approach to the book…at least it does for me for some reason). Anyway I realized yesterday that my randomness when it comes to looking at the back of a book to decided if it’s worth purchasing, also extends to magazines.

For the last year (at least) I have been a HUGE advocate for the magazine “Runner’s World”…I love it and probably always will because there is just so much useful information in it. However yesterday my co-worker introduced me to a new runner’s magazine…”Women’s Running” and I gotta say it’s the best find of the summer! Honestly at first I wasn’t too sure about it…I mean I am a woman and I love to run but the cover was just too plain for me…it didn’t grab my attention. But I decided to flip through the pages just to check it out (which in a lot of ways it reminds me of “Runner’s World” with the types of articles it has and it’s set up). But I was still debating on whether or not to get it when I noticed the quote on the back cover…

“You Can’t Run from your problems, but you’ll both feel a little lighter when you get back”

…That sealed the deal for me (even if it turned out to just be an add or New Balance..hee hee). You see, for me, running has always been kind of a therapy. I throw on my shoes…hit the open road….and then just work through all the issues of my day with each stride I take. It’s that one time during each day when I can get alone with myself and deal with all the stuff that gets blocked out by life…..and then of course there’s the reality that I may not metaphorically be able to run from my problems…but I can run in some sense…and for some reason that always seems to help.

So I bought the magazine and since then have actually started reading it and am quite impressed… so check I’m passing it along and I recommend you check it out too!


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