Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Did we Forget how to Love One Another...

  So I was talking on the phone today to one of my friends who was venting some pretty valid frustrations/hurts she had because of some things people had said to her and about her because she is an same sex relationship.  I tend to shy away from any sort of drama that comes with "Hot Button" issues like this...but sitting there....listening to my friend....hearing the hurt and pain in her voice....I couldn't help but get angry with and for her! When did we forget that people have feelings and that words can hurt?!?!  When did we start caring more about being right then doing right?!?!  When did we become so hurtful and forget how to love?!?!
   I've been thinking a lot about this all day and really contemplating what it looks like to love in situations like this....after all the bible says the greatest commandments are to love God and love others....so what would love do in this situation?!?!  For me...today... love meant allowing a friend to vent....not judging her or trying to make her see where others were coming from...but just sitting there and listening....caring...being there for her.  This wasn't about me.....this was about her...and letting her know that as a person she is completely and fully loved...by me...by others...and most importantly by God!
  And I know there are people who will get mad at me for stressing how much God loves her.  They will point to verses in the bible that speak to God's condemnation of such a lifestyle as hers.  But I have to wonder....if we truly believe that God is God and ruler/judge of all....then why are we trying to take His job and judge the world for ourselves.  God's called us to love...not to condemn!  On top of that the bible also says that while we were still sinners Christ died for us and that this is love not that we loved God but that He loved us!  God so loved the whole world He sent His Son to die for all of us....not just the people who agree with us, or act like us, or look like us, or even believe like us!  Maybe if we spent more time understanding how in desperate need of a savior we are and how blessed we are to be forgiven, we'll stop judging everyone else and learn to have love for one another!  After all aren't people suppose to know we are Christians by our love?!?!
  Just some food for thought....

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