Saturday, November 3, 2012

When it's Christ in You...

  For the last four years I have had the opportunity to attend the Woman of Faith Conference when it's come to Hartford.  The first year I knew nothing about it but was invited by an old friend I only briefly re-connected with.  I enjoyed myself so much that the second year I invited a small group from my church go.  Then last year I went with a co-workers church and this year I was invited to go as a volunteer for World Vision.  I have to say this was probably my favorite year so far!
  For one, getting to walk around and talk with the different woman attending the conference was such a blessing to me!  I loved connecting with people and hearing a bit of their heart and their story!  Now to be honest, I am NOT...and I mean it, I'm NOT....normally comfortable walking up to random strangers and striking up conversations... even when there's a purpose behind it.  The very idea of it usually makes me want to crawl out of my skin or hide in the corner!  Yet God did something amazing in me this weekend, the same kind of amazing thing He seemed to do when I was in Ecuador this summer.  When it came time to step up, step out and carry out in the commitment I made to serve, God filled me with Himself and turned me from a shy introvert into an outgoing extrovert.  It's so weird to's almost has if in those moments I can step out of myself and only see God...and I KNOW it's God working in me and through me!  It always amazes me....I am awestruck....this is our GOD!
  Then, to go along with that, I really didn't go into this conference expecting to hear anything that would really resound with me where I am at in my spiritual walk at the moment.  In the past the things I've always seemed to walk away from this conference with were a deeper sense of God's love for me, A feeling of forgiveness, a drawing of my heart to His and a Knock on the door of my heart.  I guess I walked into this weekend thinking I was beyond all that and thus wasn't really expecting much beyound having the opportunity to serve.  Instead I felt like at some point in every message I heard a resounding theme of being chosen bubble up!  I'm not really sure what it all means...there has certainly not been enough time for me to process it all in this afternoon...but I left feeling like God was saying I can't qualify myself, but I was never suppose to....instead God truly does qualify the unqualified.  He continuously chooses to use the foolish and the weak and the confused and the ones that don't have it all together, to make His name known.  Therefore I don't need to worry about all my faults and all the ways I don't feel like I'm good enough, or capable enough, or even smart enough to do what He's called me to.  Just like today when He seemed to change the very nature of my character....God reminded's Christ IN me that is the hope of glory!
  Not bad for a weekend I wasn't expecting much from....if you ask me!

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