Saturday, November 17, 2012

When You stop Being a Worm and Start Changing into a Butterfly......

  In general, I am the kind of person who won't try something if I think I am going to fail at it.  I tend not to step out into situations where I can't figure out how it will end.  And if you want me to trust you without having proven to me time and time again that you're worthy of that trust, well you can pretty much forget about it!  But lately...God's been challenging me a lot about all of that and I find I'm starting to change....maybe even to grow a's actually pretty amazing!
   The Bible Says in Romans 12 to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, or as my translation goes on to say  "let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think".  I'm not trying to be all religious, but this verse feels like the perfect explanation for what I am going through.  God is changing the way that I think and thus I am changing!
  It's like I am finally able to see that maybe failure isn't the worse thing that could happen to me, but rather it's the not trying because I am afraid that truly is robbing me...Maybe I'm not suppose to know all the steps to get from point A to point B because the adventure of getting there is the best part of the journey...and Maybe I can choose to trust you not because you've proven yourself but because the Christ in you already has!
  And now I am even starting to find myself wanting to try things I am not good at in order to improve and being willing to make mistakes without thinking they are the end all be all.  Now I am more willing to take a step forward even when it's the only step I can see at the moment.  And now I am even beginning to form relationships with people I never would have imagined wanting to know.
  I know I'm over simplifying this...but maybe that's the point.  Maybe all the things I worry about and stress about, come about because I take the really simple concepts of Loving God and Loving people and turn it into something much more complex. And it's when I allow God to change my thoughts that things become much more simple and I am freed up to live more fully for Him.

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