Thursday, January 13, 2011

City on our Knees...

This morning I finished reading the book “City on our knees” by Toby Mac (yeah I know, I’ve been a reading fool lately but I can’t help it…snow storms give me plenty of time to relax and there is nothing more relaxing to me then cuddling under covers and reading a good book)!  Anyway, it took me a while to read this book…in fact I started it before Christmas….but none the less I really enjoyed it.  Basically it’s a collection of stories about God moving through a bunch of different people who rose up to allow him full reign in their life.  Definitely an inspiring book!  Sadly more than half of the stories were about people who lived centuries ago (don’t get me wrong…there were more current stories in the book but a majority seemed to be from way back when).  It makes me wonder….why is it so hard for us in this day and age to have such a “drastic” faith in God?!?! 
  Honestly I think it comes down to self-reliance.  We live in the age of technology…an age were “the world is at our finger tips” and unless we are brought to our knees by dire circumstances we tend to believe that our life is of our own making.  I guess I feel free to make these sweeping generalities because I know I succumb to this behavior all the time.  I am constantly needing to remind myself that the very fact that I have breath is a gift from God….that  I am not the creator of all…and any good I do is fully and completely because of the God who lives in me therefore He deserves all the praise. 
  So why is it so easy to forget that?  To live as if life is all about us?  How do we become the type of people who surrender yourselves so completely to God that he can do whatever he wants to with our lives?!?!?
Maybe…it’s “on our knees”!

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  1. sounds interseting...think I might read it! thanks for sharing, jessica! I like your book reviews :)