Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Friendship for Grownups"....

  So today I became one of “those people” at the gym…you know...the people who read while on the equipment!  Usually I am completely anti reading while working out cause I don’t really think you can get as good of a work out when you’re not giving your full attention to what you are doing, but I forgot my music (one of the downsides of packing your gym back at 6am in the morning, when your still half asleep) and I needed some form of entertainment  to get me through an hour and a half of working out (okay so really I only read for half of my work out because it’s kind of hard to read and run sprints at the same time..but that’s beside the point).
  Anyway one of the many books I’ve been reading as of late is Lisa Whelchel’s book “Friendship for Grownups”.  Now having been born in the 80’s I probably wouldn’t have known who she was when I first heard of her book or her (since she was one of the speakers at the women of faith conference) but I have older sisters and I remember watching snippets of “The Facts of Life” growing up, so her story intrigued me.  Funny thing is I never thought I could relate to someone whose had a serious career, been in the ministry, is much older than me and whom  I’ve never really met, so much as I can to her in this book.  At times the very things she is writing in her book I have written in my journal, and the feelings she’s expressing bring voice to so many things I have felt before.
  So I encourage you….if you’ve ever struggled with really allowing people in, with really trusting people, with longing for deep meaningful relationships but not feeling equipped or prepared to step out in them…then check out her book…her openness and honesty about her struggles will hopefully offer you the same comfort and hope it gave it me!

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