Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is there such a thing as equipment Phobia?!?

  So this afternoon I went to the gym and realized something very important….I am afraid of Equipment!  Okay so maybe I should be a little more specific cause I do enjoy the treadmill and elliptical, the bike and the cross trainer…but do you see the trend?!  It’s all cardio!  When I first started my weight loss journey I always worked out at home (or in the neighborhood cause in the beginning I really only did lots of walking) and the only equipment I had was free weights and one of those yoga balls. And I quite quickly learned how to put together a good workout routine using those, so when I joined the gym I didn’t even bother going on weight training days because I knew I wouldn’t need the equipment.
  Well now that I have a new gym, I want to make sure I am getting my money’s worth.  So I decided today, on my way to the gym to work out, that it was time to try out equipment.  In fact the whole 15 minute car ride there I was pep talking myself into a “You Can Do It” type of feeling and had made up my mind that today was the day I figured out how to use all those machines that I usually avoid.
  Then I got to the gym…and there were lots of people there (hello people….it’s Sunday afternoon…why aren’t you home watching football?!?!)….and I got scared!  I don’t know how to use those machines…and yeah there are instructions on them but who wants to stand around reading how to use a machine with a bunch of sweaty people around who are just waiting for you to hurry up so they can use it!  So I punked out and instead went back to what I know….free weights and a yoga ball!  I guess there’s always tomorrow.

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