Thursday, January 20, 2011

"The Hole in Our Gospel"...

Have you ever been stalked by a book?  I know it sounds funny…but I swear I have.  You see, I tend to be kind of choosy when it comes to the things I read (i.e.  I tend to judge books by their cover, I don’t read fiction, and if I’m not caught up in the book within the first two chapters I most likely will not continue reading).  So when I first heard about Richard Stearns book “The Hole in Our Gospel” at the Women of Faith conference, I really had no intention of reading it (Not that it’s fiction, but the cover did not draw me in and the bits and pieces I had read about the book made me think of it more as a text book then something I would actually read).  Yet over the next several weeks I had quite a few customers come into my job looking for the book.  Then over Christmas, when I went to order some other books online, it kept popping up in that “People who bought this book also bought this….” portion of the website.  And then twice this month, in casual conversation with friends and acquaintances it came up.  So finally, I gave in and decided to read it!  Honestly I couldn’t have made a better decision!!!
  This book is POWERFUL…..PERSPECTIVE CHANGING….Even Radical in a good sense!  What Richard Stearns shares in these pages will destroy every excuse that you have for NOT participating in God’s mission in our world.  The stories are heart-wrenching and completely eye opening as you realize these are real people he is talking about…real people in OUR world.  The Statistics he shares can at times be overwhelming…but they are also life changing (you can’t look at your spending the same when you realize that we in America spend millions more on feeding our pets then we do to help the poor and hungry in our world)!  Each page forces you to make a decision to either step out and do something or to turn your back on those who need it most!  I can’t seem to find the right words to give this book enough justice….so all I’ll just say EVERYONE (especially those of us who claim to be Christians) should read this book!!!  If you allow it to, it will change your life!

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