Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the grind....and bringing others along for the ride!


So today I walk into work and was greeted by two of my managers/friends with BIG smiles on their faces waiting to hear all about the race on Saturday (how encouraging is that)! So I told them all about it and showed them my medal (which is pictured with my race bib to the right)…and then we started talking about the Manchester Road Race (that’s the race I’m training for now which takes place on Thanksgiving Day). Over the weekend I had created a training program for one of the managers to prepare her for the race as well, since she had decided she wanted to run it too. So I pull out the plan and my other manager was like…”I always wanted to run that race but I don’t know if I can and I’ve never had anyone to run it with”. In about two minutes manger #1 and I had convinced manager #2 to follow the training plan as well and run it with us. And it turns out that another one of our co-workers is planning on running the race too, so we are all going to do it together (how fun is that)!

Well all of this meant that today was day 1 for training and although I am only two days removed from the ½ marathon, I was no longer sore so that meant I could jump back into things. Plus as if I needed anymore motivation to get back on track with my running and weight loss, I was told at work today that my store manager thinks I’m getting a little “porky” and “letting myself go” (isn’t that so horrible of her to say)! Now I will admit that I have gained back a good 40lbs of the 120lbs that I lost, but seriously…who likes to be called “fat” especially by their superior and behind their back! Anyway, that’s about all I needed to hear to set me straight for the day (I was even able to say no to pie in the break room and stuck to just 2 slices of pizza at dinner when I could have eaten the whole pie)!

Anyway…so yeah…my workout….I am a BIG fan of that at home workout which usually means doing some sort of video and then cardio. Today I did Jillian Michaels “shape-up front side” and then followed it up with a 2.25 mile jog on the treadmill (aka the dread mill...cause I much prefer to run outside). Let me just say that for as much of an athlete I would like to think that I am…that workout kicked my butt and although I could play it off that it’s just cause I’m sick…I’m not going to lie…in part it’s cause in a lot of ways I’m out of shape. But one thing I know, and had to keep reminding myself throughout the workout tonight, is that the more I do it the easier it will become so I pushed through and 865 calories burned later I was quite happy with my accomplishment.

Well for now it’s time for me to head off to bed. Night all.


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