Sunday, October 11, 2009

A New Day... another Goal


  I am a goal oriented person…so I constantly have to have something that I am working towards. For most of this year that goal has been to run the ING Hartford Marathon. Now that it’s over I’ve already begun looking to the next thing (is that wrong of me?!?!). So what’s next on the agenda you ask….The 73rd annual Manchester Road Race which takes place on thanksgiving morning. It’s a 4.75 mile race that is half uphill but definitely a lot of run (yeah I know…running up hill doesn’t sound fun but with all the bands, and people and fun costumes, one can’t help but enjoy themselves….plus then you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging at dinner that night…hee hee)!

Last year was the first time I ran this race and it took me 49:15 to complete it, which wasn’t bad considering it was only my second race ever and that I ended up having to run from shuttle bus (a mile away), pass the barriers, and the to the starting line (all the while watching the other racers speeding pass me in the opposite direction cause the race had already started). This year my goal is to try and shave 5 minutes off my time…and I have 6 weeks to do it. So starting tomorrow It’s back to the grind for me (so get ready for lots of posts about working out and grumbles of a love/Hate relationship with running from me).

But for tonite… I rest….and enjoy it (and maybe even indulge in some Ben and Jerry’s…hee hee).


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