Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why's and Why nots....

Hey There!

So today was one busy day! I woke up, made breakfast, gave both my nieces a bath and got them ready for the day, got myself ready, went to the pumpkin patch with the family, came home and changed for a party, dropped the girls off at the babysitters, went to an anniversary party, picked up the girls, came home, went grocery shopping, put everything away, made my sister and I a snack…and now I can relax. If you had asked me about an hour ago if I was tired I would have told you exhausted….and yet now…not so much. Why is that?!?!

Here’s another “Why is that” for you?!?! Why is it that I can go through an entire day staying on track with my diet (even at the party I munched on salad and stayed away from the over buttered crap) and then late at night when I’m almost ready for bed, I give in and eat well over my calorie allowance?!?! Seems so stupid! Yet this is what I do when I am exhausted….give in to what’s easy instead of what’s best.

Anyway, we are getting into crunch time now….my co-worker and I are going out clothes shopping on Friday morning…and I really want to be feeling a little more comfortable with my body before doing so. So my plan is to pull two-a-days all week. Now to be honest I am the queen of saying I’m going to get up in the morning to work out and yet instead sleep in and miss the opportunity. However I’m hoping taking a cue from the first female winner of Biggest Loser will help me out. I recently read about the new book by Ali Vincent (Pictured right) is coming out in early November and in that article it talked about how every day on the ranch Ali would wake up and ring a bell while she repeated her mantra (“Believe it. Be it”) to herself). Obviously I am not her so my motivation has to be a little different…so what I’ve decided to do is paste a copy of my “I want” list on the wall next to my bed and let that be the first thing I read when I get up in the morning. What better way to get myself out of bed than to remind myself of everything I want.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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