Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life is a journey...


So remember how yesterday I was telling you how two of my managers and a co-worker of mine are now going to run the Manchester Road Race together?!?! Well today at work I found out that my manager has recruited another one of our coworkers to run with us as well! So we’ve all decided that we are going to make shirts and come up with a fun team name…and maybe even raise a little money for a charity for the race! I’m so excited and I kind of feel like in a way I’ve inspired my co-workers to run…and that make me feel so happy/blessed (I mean that’s what it’s all about right…paying it forward!)!

Anyway since today was day two of training, it was all about hill sprints for me (well that was after I did another one of Jillian Michaels videos….this time it was Max- Back in Action). I was very proud of myself though because yesterday I was doing just straight running and felt like it was really tough to be running at 4.0 (on the treadmill that is) and yet tonight I was running on a incline of 12.0 at 4.0 and felt like I could completely handle it (granted it was only 30 sec sprints…but hey I’ll celebrate where I can)! Plus you can’t help but feel like a bad ass when you are running up a hill (hee hee)!

One thing I keep reminding myself is that I don’t have to change everything over night. I think that’s one way I went wrong the first time through this weight loss journey. I felt like I HAD to drop the weight…and it had to be done as of yesterday. So I would force myself through these two hour workout sessions and force myself to extremes…and although I did drop the weight I kind of saw it as a race to the finish line. Now I realize that this will never be over and although I still want to drop the weight, I know it doesn’t have to happen overnight. I just need to keep taking one step after the other and eventually I will reach my goals. It’s about constantly moving forward, as you enjoy the journey….not just longing for the destination. Plus I think an attitude like this will really help me to learn a lot more about myself and that truly excites me.


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