Monday, October 19, 2009

Creating a lasting plan for change...


So weigh in day is just a few days away (Wednesday) and I gotta say I have a bit of mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I am the queen of sneaking a peek at the scale throughout the week and so the fact that I have an idea that I’ve lost about 2lbs this week completely excites me. But on the other hand it feels like 2lbs a week isn’t enough for all the effort I put in (which really it is, but I’m use to dropping like 4-6lbs a week so 2lbs seems so little). I guess I should just be happy though… I mean I am losing weight even though in a lot of ways I am finding myself resenting the whole process of counting calories and working out and what not. Plus I’m working out on top of working 8 hour days and taking care of two little kids. This is real life…I deserve to be proud!

Anyway I’m trying to come up with some ways to keep my weight loss journey exciting, fresh and new. Here’s some ideas I’ve come up with…

*Constantly change up your work outs up

*Train for an event

*Try new foods

*learn to cook different meals

*bring a friend along on the journey

*Track your progress

*Shoot for a goal

And here is how I am trying to accomplish those things….

*I rotate my work out videos so that I do each one once a week. However I do run on the treadmill every night (well except for rest days)

*I’m training for the thanksgiving day road race, which since I’m running that with people who assume I’m the pro-runner I feel like I really need to work hard to do good at this (no pressure right)

*It’s hard to try new food cause I don’t do a lot of cooking with my work schedule, but on the nights I do cook it’s all about trying to be healthy and open to different things (if only my other family members were excited about this too…hee hee)

*Most people look up to me for answers on weight loss so staying on track should be easy just cause I don’t want to disappoint people…however I also enjoy knowing that my other co-workers and some friends are trying to get back on track together so we can all help each other and not feel so alone

*I started a new weight loss journal when I track everything from my feelings to food to workout info….plus I get to share some of that stuff on here

* My number one goal is to finally hit my goal weight of 160….but my current goal is 10lbs….we’ll see how close I am to that on way in day!

So it seems I have some sort of a start in terms of getting on track. I have taken steps in the right direction and I am setting the ground work for long term change. This makes me happy.


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